Watch: This Adorable Orangutan Wants Attention And It’s Everything We Need Right Now

We’ve all been there. It seems like a hilarious idea at the time – throw on a sack, pretend you’re a ghost, and now you’re the life of the party.

But this orangutan’s friend is having none of it. He’s obviously more of the fallen logs are fun kinda crowd.


The best bit is that this clown just doesn’t quit.

This video of a orangutan from Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre in Borneo figured he’d get a few chuckles from his buddy, who clearly didn’t get the joke.

It’s often easy to mistaken human-like behaviour in animals for human-like intentions, but we can indulge a bit here.

Orangutans, like humans, love to play. And an old bag is just the thing for entertainment.

There is a serious side to this activity, though.


For nearly 20 years the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Reintroduction Project has rescued orangutans and other protected primates displaced from their range or held as pets and gives them a sort of half-way-house to recover before being returned to a suitable habitat.

By some estimates our close cousins number just over 100,000 individuals in the wild on the Indonesian islands of Borneo and Sumatra, making them an endangered species.

Clearing forest for plantations remains one of the biggest threats to their populations.

So go and watch the little guy again. The video was put online earlier this year, but the orangutan’s plight is no less important today.

Besides, some silly ape-business is just what we need right now.


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